Digital Storytelling: Designing a Survey Course That Works For You and Your Students

Hi! I’m currently teaching a graduate-level course on Digital Storytelling at Brown: you can view the course site here. I’m happy to lead a discussion on teaching and thinking about digital storytelling (and what “digital storytelling” might mean, exactly!) with anyone interested.


If we need more specific things to think more about, we might consider:

-What are the challenges of running a “survey” course (vs. a more specialized tool or context-centric course or one more explicitly tied to a historical / temporal period or genre)?

-How do we develop reading lists that acknowledge the range of work being done by various professionals, scholars, and students interested in digital contexts and spaces?

-How do we consider the mechanics and aims of workshops, lectures, readings, and project development in the context of the survey course?

-How might we imagine the roles of community representatives, librarians, archivists, and other potential collaborators with the course or with individual students?

-What prep work, particular tools, and uses of digital spaces  are we thinking about?

-How might we use these spaces to focus on our research interests and ongoing projects in creative and ethical ways that also acknowledge the interests of our students and collaborators?