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Historic Map Works

To follow up on the Leventhal Map collection: Historic Map Works out of Westbrook, Maine has been doing similar work:  I’m not sure about all the details, but I know that you can use their maps to look at layers of place in a given setting.

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Proposal: What Counts as #DH, and Making #DH Count

For more experienced Campers, this topic is well-worn, I know. It’s a discussion I’ve had at every THATCamp I’ve attended. But it’s one that never fails to get me to think. I think it’s evergreen. Basically, a free-wheeling discussion about advocacy, communication, community, and labor within the digital humanities. Topics would include (but in no way […]

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Getting Started with Open Digital Collections

Getting Started with Open Digital Collections will provide an overview of how to find and use open access content in museum digital collections. This session will review: Where to find open digital collections How to identify open access content How to use open collections content (this segment will focus on how to navigate the terms of use […]

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