Rowan Walrath

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  • Digital Humanities Research Intern / Opinions Editor / Student
  • Cengage Learning / The Huntington News / Northeastern University
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  • Twitter: @rswalrath

I'm in my fourth year at Northeastern University, where I would like to think I'm majoring in becoming a Renaissance woman. In reality, I'm pursuing a major in journalism and minors in English, history and Spanish.

I grew up in The Woodlands, Texas. During my childhood, I spent my time taking absurdly long wildflower walks and reading to my Beanie Babies, which were exclusively cats. As I grew up, I took on various interests, including but not limited to dance, choir, art, volunteerism and education.

I have a deeply ingrained passion for education and the dissemination of information. Personally, my primary avenues for following those interests are writing and editing, but multimedia publishing excites me, too. I'm also a #babyhacker.

I've held a number of jobs in the publishing world, from programming intern at GrubStreet — Boston's leading creative writing center — to various roles at National Geographic Learning and The Huntington News. I'm currently working at Cengage Learning in the humanities department, actively working to lower the cost of textbooks.

My favorite journalist is Nellie Bly. My favorite color is orange (green is a close second).